Get Out. Play Tennis.

Players First

A free tennis network for players to connect and play!

Find The Perfect Match

Finding a compatible tennis partner or group in your area is hit or miss. We take the guesswork out of your search by offering a local network of players and organizers to connect with. Each player is dynamically rated based on match results and paired only with appropriate partners and groups; so log in and get your game on!

Play Casual or Competitive

Whether you like to play casually or add some pop to your serve in competition, we've got you covered. Request to play with just a click. If your opponent accepts, a chat session is then created in order to schedule a time and location. Play for practice or keep the score; the ball's in your court with no obligation.

Elevate Your Game

With a wide range of tennis options, you're sure to be on the courts and playing more often! Each season you can look forward to match play, a pyramid ladder challenge, and divisional contests that encourage everyone's participation. At the end of the season there's a big finale that brings players together to cap off the year!

Organizers Rejoice

Put the party back in your tennis parties!

Track Attendance

Whether you're a team captain or tennis party coordinator, you know the drill. Ensuring attendance and finding last-minute subs can be a real hassle. We help simplify the process. Now you can create rosters and take attendance that players respond to with just a click; all visible on a live dashboard!

Recruit Players

Looking to reach more players for your next tennis event? We'll list your group on our website where you'll immediately gain exposure to thousands of active players in the area. Players may choose to join your group to receive any notifications for the events that you coordinate.

Communicate Effectively

Wouldn't it be nice to have a central team page filled with useful information? Players can now view your calendar, notifications, and attachments all online - anytime they need a reminder! Also rest assured that any last-minute announcements are delivered instantly to players via email and text.

Run Tournaments

Running a league or tournament is no simple task. With scheduled announcements, automated draw postings, and online payments, we've built the most sophisticated tools you need to create and promote your next tournament from soup to nuts.

Collect Payments

Players want more options when it comes to making payments. Now you can offer an online payment method that's convenient for everyone. Create early-bird specials, limited quantity tickets, promotions, and more for any of your events!

Manage Memberships

Run a league or private club with membership fees? We make it dead simple to create recurring subscription plans that kindly remind players when payment is due. Say goodbye to wasteful paperwork and awkward emails.